We're helping recruiters become more inclusive with their hiring.

Unconscious bias is something that slips into our daily language pretty easily. That's why AdGrader is here to make the process of removing that unconscious bias simple and quick by suggesting better words or phrases and highlighting where there may be a more inclusive way to say something.

What we do.

AdGrader is a tool that makes diversity and inclusion a simple part of the hiring process, as it should be.

Putting it more succinctly:

We make spotting unconscious bias in job adverts ridiculously easy.

Whether you’re a direct employer who’s looking for a way to improve the diversity of the candidates in their talent pool, or a recruitment agency that’s looking to ensure all of the candidates they put forward to their clients haven’t been subject to unconscious bias, AdGrader is for you.

AdGrader is here to make equal opportunities the norm.
AdGrader - Helping Recruiters Create A More Inclusive Hiring Process

Making job adverts inclusive:
Why we do it.

Our background is in recruitment. Specifically the owning of several recruitment agencies since 2002.

Diversity and inclusion has always been a huge part of what we did within those agencies, but has become evermore present in today’s world.

We are huge believers in making sure businesses are putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of their business.

And what better place to start than with the people it employs?

Our teams have been trained in diversity and inclusion and have become more and more aware of unconscious bias within written language.

Looking at the majority of job adverts on any given job board, unconscious bias seemed to be sewn into places we wouldn’t have even thought of.

So, we set out to make businesses better.

After developing AdBuilder, a tool that automates the job advert writing process, we developed AdGrader.

The tool that not only makes the person writing the job advert is aware of any unconscious bias before they publish it, but gives them suggestions on how to eradicate it.

How we created it.

AdGrader was initially built as an add-on to AdBuilder, the tool that automates job advert writing.

It scans the advert that AdBuilder creates and notifies the user of any language they may have used when answering job spec. questions that’s flagged up as potentially offensive or exclusive.

Though as we were building AdGrader as an add-on, we sat back and thought: “What about the people who don’t use AdBuilder?”

Not everyone needs help with the advert writing, we get that.

But what we do isn’t about forcing people to use one tool in order to get to another.

No, it’s about optimising and improving processes within businesses to build equal chances for everyone.So, we set out to launch AdGrader as its very own standalone platform too.

Where users can see their diversity dashboard, managers can ensure adverts aren’t being posted that aren’t inclusive, and, well… you get the gist.

Now as we move forward, we’re guided by core values that keep our feet grounded and our focus locked on providing a tool that offers immense value for any type of company that needs to recruit.
AdGrader - how we make every job advert inclusive

Our core values.

You always come first.

Everything we do is designed to make your life easier, more productive and more convenient.

Inclusivity is something that shouldn't need to be thought about, it should just happen.

And with AdGrader, it can.

We give it everything.

We don't like losing, and neither should our customers.

We're constantly seeking perfection to help you achieve your goals.

Total commitment and dedication.

Always aiming for better.

In our platform and in diversity and inclusion as a whole, we're always striving to perfect what we do.

We'll always be on top of improving what we offer so you don't have to.

Having a more inclusive hiring process starts with your job adverts.

Use AdGrader to remove any unconscious bias from your job adverts and improve the diversity of applications to your roles.